COVID-19 | Help Rural Communities in Ghana

Support GHEI's Preparedness and Prevention Measures to combat COVID-19 and protect rural communities in Ghana.

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We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

Support GHEI's Preparedness and Prevention Measures to combat COVID-19 and protect rural communities in Ghana.

We are raising emergency funds to protect vulnerable communities from COVID-19 in Ghana.

Emergency Appeal

COVID-19 is an emergency on a scale we have not seen before. As the number of people contracting COVID-19 continue to rise in Ghana, so does the risk to people living in rural areas. They are now extremely vulnerable to the spread of the virus. Moreover, Ghana's health system is extremely fragile and infrastructure is inadequate. COVID-19 is increasing pressure on this system which is ill-equipped to deal with an epidemic of this magnitude.

We need your help to respond.

Right now, GHEI has stepped up preparedness and prevention measures to prevent outbreak clusters and community transmission in our catchment communities. To support preparedness of local health officials and partners in the local municipality, we have devised a Risk Communication and Community Engagement Readiness and Response plan for COVID-19. People have the right to be informed about and understand the health risks that they and their loved ones face. Our plan ensures that rural communities have the life-saving information they need to protect themselves and others from the virus and to reduce its impact on health, social life, and the economy. We are proactively communicating and engaging with the people especially at risk populations (those who cannot read, the elderly, disabled persons and people with existing health conditions) through two-way communication channels in order to alleviate confusion and avoid misunderstandings. We are providing critical information and services through trusted channels of communication and by being responsive, empathetic, consistent and transparent. Furthermore, we are committed to designing and implementing community based approaches to protect vulnerable and underprivileged people at large.

You can help support the COVID-19 response coordinated by GHEI in the Ghanaian countryside.

Please join us to help protect those living in these fragile conditions.

You can help by making a donation. All donations go directly to our COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund related activities.